Gradient is the smooth transition from one color to another. In between where the colors change it is also the blending of the two colors. It can be used to makes colorful backgrounds.


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Kerning and Tracking

Kerning affects the distance between two letters. It helps to improve the appearance of headlines and display text. Tracking inserts uniform spaces between letters to affect the width of the selected words. Postitive tracking or kerning values move the letters farther apart. Negative kerning or tracking values move the letters closer together.

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Darby Design Logo

I used 3 different shapes and three different colors to design this logo. It made more sense to put the circle around the other two shapes. Then join the square and triangle with Darby Design writtin inside the shapes.

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Logo Examples

This is an example of how people use circles to help them make a logo. It put two little circles on top of a big circle to form the ears and the head of Mickey Mouse.

This is an example of how people use squares to help form a logo for their product. The facebook logo uses a big blue square, an a smaller lighter colored blue square to be in the background of the F.

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How to Create a Logo.

  1. Learn what a logo is and what it represents - A logo reflects business’s comercial by fonts, the use of shapes, color and images.
  2. Know the principles of effective logo design – Logo must be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.
  3. Learn of other’s success and mistakes –
  4. Establish your own logo Design process – The design brief, research and brainstorming, sketching, prototyping and conceptualising, Send to client for review, Revise and add finishing touches, Revise files to client and give customer service.
  5. Learn the software and complete the logo – Learn the software, brainstorm, pick what you like best and then design the logo.


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Bitmap vs. Vector

Bitmap- uses square and rectangluar gird and colored pixels. Images are resolution-dependent.

Vector-uses lines and curves defined by vectors. Images are resolution-independent.

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What is Graphic Design?

Uses images to illustrate whats happening. Also uses images words and ideas to project the information to the audiance. Helps show what they want the audiance  to know when performing something.

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