Things I made using Photoshop.


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Digital Image-A picture in electronic form

Image Editing-Program that allows you to mainpulate graphic images so they can be reproduced by professional printers using full color processes.

Pixels- Very small squares that makes up a picture.

Logo-distinctive image that you can create by combining symbols, shapes, colors, and text.

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Concentric refers to objects that share the same centerpoint as circle in both sets do.

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Transforming Objects

Transforming an object means you are changing its sice, shape, or position on the artboard. The point of origin is where all transformations are executed in relation to a fixed point. When an item is selected in the transform panel it will display the information about the size, orientation, and location.

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I used circles to help make both my mosquito and the spider. The head and body is made of circles or an oval. Also a lot of  lines to help make the legs.

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It uses lines and shapes to make the ties on the front of the boat. It used rectangles and ovals to make the ties on the life jacket that the animal is wearing. A triangle with a rounded bottom is used to make the boat.

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Its something that has been added to an object that aggects its appearance. Typographic attributes include cont, leading, horizontal scale, etc. Artistic attributes include fill color, stroke color, and stroke weight.The eyedropper tool is the most useful. It picks up an objects attributes, such as fill color, stroke color, and stroke weight, and adds it to another object.

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Alphabet Poster

For my alphabet poster I chose the letter P. I used P is for pencil. I made the stem of the P into a pencil. I also used 10 other words and wrote on a path going up the side of the pencil. I used the words pen, peace, pengion, parrot, pirate, pie, purple, pink, pig, and puzzle.

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Color is important in a design because it helps to catch the eye of people who are just skimming through. It also gives individuality to the design. Color can help the design look neat and pretty.

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Stacking Order

Stacking order defines how objects are displated when they are overlapping. You can change the stacking order by bringing something forward or sending something backwards. When you group objects it is stacked behind the top object in the group.

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